Useful Company Links


We use our own web mail system to make it easier for us to communicate with our customers. As soon as we start working together, we will create a user for you on the Roundcube email platform, which you can access via this link:

Ticket system

We use a ticketing system in our work. This is a system that facilitates the management of customer needs, since the software converts the various requests, tasks and possible operational errors into a ticket, to which we can assign persons or groups, so the tasks are not lost, each of them has its own person responsible, and the whole work system becomes completely transparent. In this way, we can increase efficiency, while at the same time making processes transparent for our customers. Once registered, you can access our Request Tracker (RT) system by clicking on the link below:


We use our own Nextcloud file sharing system to facilitate the collaborative workflow. We upload documentation and files that may be important to our clients. In the same way, our customers can upload any documents that provide useful information. Our Nextcloud interface can be accessed via the link below:


We use our own mail channel to discuss small issues with our customers, quickly and efficiently. This is a chat platform where our customers can contact us most easily:


It is used in Agile software development, which aims to track the status of development from task to task. Our clients can gain insight into all processes and sub-processes of the project.


Here you will find our corporate knowledge base. We upload useful articles for our clients to this platform, which are easily accessible resources that make working together go smoothly. Click on the following link to access:

Kanban board

Our clients will also have access to our own task management system, giving them even more transparency on workflows and where the project is in the implementation process.